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Jim Fletcher in the WKLO control room
The WKLO control room as it looked in 1964 in the then-new Walnut Street location
A close up of WKLO's Gates Ambassador console in 1964

Mitch Michael (1964)
Mitch Michael

Terrell Metheny (Mitch Michael, prictured above) writes: "This promotion in 1964 was what propelled WKLO past WAKY. The prize was a free Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club Hop with all the jocks. What made it work was a person could only sign a petition one time, but they could sign as many petitions as they could, so small schools could complete with big schools, and as a matter of fact, a small girls parochial school won. The number of pieces of paper was staggering. We couldn't possibly count all. It seems that we separated the petitions by school and, we might have weighed the stacks. It turned out to be a huge success, much bigger than we had dreamed. So, we did it again the next year using what we had learned the first year. Some school officials banned their schools from entering the second year, but Ernie, our leader, knew how to deal with that: money. In addition to the free dance, we gave, seems like, $1080 for the school discretionary fund. That did it. Schools organized. Petitions were signed in study halls and other classes. They organized signing parties after school, and -- someone help me, I don't want to exaggerate -- but it seem like we received more than a million signatures. That contest was our way of "advertising", and it worked.

Mitch Michael on the air (Mid '60s)
Mitch Michael at a WKLO event (Mid '60s)
Allen Bryan (1964)
Allen Bryan at a WKLO Hi-Fi Club dance (1964)
Mary Ann Weidner receives a check from Bill Bailey outside the WKLO Studio on Walnut Street on November 13, 1965. She won $210 in the Cash Call Promotion.

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