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On this page we'll be posting pictures that are donated by WKLO alumni and fans. Have some photos or WKLO promotional material to share? Drop us a line. Already scanned photos are preferred, but we'll be happy to scan actual photos and return them.

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Paul Crawford (1960) Dottie Knight (1960)
Barney Groven (1960) Steve Baron (1961)
Allen Bryan (1961)

Allen Bryan in the WKLO production room in the Commonwealth Building (1960 or 1961). Allen writes, "The equipment included a machine that cut electrical tracks like a record. A lot of our commercials were recoded on these discs. That was the reason why we had four turntables in the control room. Oh, and for you younger folks that strange black object to my left is a rotary dial telephone."

Joe Holcomb (1961)
Ed Bowman (1961)
Paul Cowley (1961)
Jim Fletcher (1961)
The WKLO on-air staff in the early '60s
Paul Cowley
A Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club dance, hosted by Radio WKLO and Paul Cowley, held at Trinity High School during the '61-'62 school year. This photo was published in The Shamrock yearbook with the caption: "Freshmen and sophomores anxiously wait as Paul Cowley announces the next Hi-Fi winner."

Bob "Bones" Henry in the WKLO newsroom in the Commonwealth Building (Early '60s). Allen Bryan writes: "This picture shows the newsroom desk which faced the DJ through a soundproof window which allowed the newsman and DJ to see each other and talk to one another over an intercom. The large box under the reel-to-reel tape machine was a custom-made thing with several switches and controls, and a row of jacks along the top to use for transferring audio from one source to and other. Bob Henry is sitting a little left of center so you can't see the other side of the desk which was actually a large metal table. Near the center is a pack of cigarettes. I had to constantly put up with the fact that almost every other newsman or DJ chainsmoked while working. The room was much larger than the control room. The teletype machines were located on the side by the door, and there was a window there where people in the hallway and reception area could see the newsroom at work. There were also two large windows on the right side of the room where you could look out and see as far as the airport, and also up and down Broadway."

The WKLO control room console in the Commonwealth Building studios. Allen Bryan writes, "The row of buttons below the board were remote start buttons for various equipment including tape machines and turntables. Also note the ever-present ashtray. DJs were heavy smokers in those days. I wasn't."

Visitors to the WKLO control room at the Commonwealth Building (1964). Allen Bryan writes, "The girls in the picture are standing behind where the DJ sat. It was a much smaller space than the the new one on Walnut where we moved to. It also had a very low ceiling because the floor was elevated to create a space where a lot of the wiring was located."

The WKLO "Good Guys" in early '64
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