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Here are more features we think WKLO fans will enjoy.

1966 Recap

1966 was a good year for Radio WKLO. See the year's highlights in this scan of the back of a year end Kentuckian Countdown.

Allen Bryan Q&A

Allen Bryan came to WKLO as a newsman in 1960 and became News Director in 1965. We had a bunch of questions about his News Director position and how the WKLO news department worked -- and he answered every one of them. Read our Q&A with Allen here.

Hot Clocks

These "hot clocks" were used in the early '70s when Bill Hennes was Program Director.

WKLO 6 a.m.-9 a.m. Hot Clock WKLO 9 a.m.-6 a.m. Hot Clock

Letters to Allen Bryan

Allen Bryan joined WKLO in 1960. These two letters came from WKLO management prior to his arrival.

 March 4, 1960 letter

April 5, 1960 letter

Louisville Radio Ratings

See how Hooper rated the Louisville radio market in January-February, 1964, April-May, 1965 and September-October, 1965.

Here's a scan of a page from the Fall 1978 Arbitron Louisville ratings, one of the last ratings books for WKLO.

Other 98 Letter

This 1968 letter was sent to future WKLO DJ Rip Rinehart (among others) by Carl Truman Wiglesworth. Rip writes: "In the late 60s WKLO used to sponsor an annual event called 'Other 98 Day' to honor the '98% of kids you don't hear about' who stay out of trouble. The lucky chosen ones got to be station employees for a day, with the really lucky ones getting to go on the air. I applied in 1968 (at age 13) and was elated when I was selected. Although I didn't get to go on the air, I still got to tour the place and meet my idols."

WDJX-AM Heads Into The Sunset

Read two 1991 Courier-Journal Tom Dorsey columns about the end of decades of pop and country music on 1080 in Louisville, plus the WKLO DJ Reunion Weekend.

Welcome Jack Hood Memo

This 1979 memo from General Manager Bernie Thompson welcomed new morning man Jack Hood to the WKLO family. Jack evidently realized the end was near and didn't stay too long.

The WKLO Call Letters and 1080 AM Today

The WKLO call letters were surrendered by the 1080 AM station in Louisville in early 1979 in favor of WKJJ-AM. Shortly thereafter they ended up belonging to an AM station in Danville, Kentucky co-owned by former WKLO jock (and WAKY PD) Johnny Randolph. Today they're attached to 6000-watt 96.9 FM in Hardinsburg, Indiana, which is programming the satellite-fed "Real Country" format from ABC. Thanks to Tim Tolbert for providing the short aircheck below that shows how the WKLO call letters are being used in 2007.

Download a MP3 aircheck of today's WKLO
1:53 - 1327 KB
Updated 1/12/2007

Today's WKLO is owned by Hembree Communications, which is based in Loogootee, Indiana but is operated through a lease agreement by Diamond Shores Broadcasting consisting of Blair & Kelly Trask. Diamond Shore owns WUME & WSEZ in Paoli, Indiana.

In late December of 2005 WKLO began broadcasting out of the Diamond Shores Studio on the Paoli Square along with WUME & WSEZ, Previously the station was operated out Loogootee through the WRZR facility and had their turn at ABC's Hot AC format before switching to ABC's Real Country.

The WKLO tower is located in the small rural community of Valeene, roughly 10 miles south of Paoli off of SR 37 in the southern portion of Orange County. The station is about 50 miles from Louisville, or around an hour's travel time.

Visit the WKLO Website here.

Today the 1080 AM spot in Louisville is occupied by Clear Channel's Talk-formatted WKJK. Thanks to WKJK Program Director Jim Fenn for providing the WKJK composite and legal ID montage below. Both are in MP3 format.

Download a 2006 composite of 1080 AM WKJK
1:59 - 703 KB

Download a montage of legal IDs from 1080 AM WKJK
:53 - 367 KB

WAKY-WKLO 2006 Reunion Slideshow

This 27,092 KB executable file contains the slideshow we looped in the Reception Hall at the 2006 WAKY-WKLO Reunion. After you download it to your PC, double-click on the file to run it.

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