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Bo Brady

Bo Brady joined WKLO in 1974 as PM driver and spent nearly five years there. Later Kentucky radio stints using his real name (Tad Murray) included Louisville's WNUU/WRKA and WAMZ and Lexington's WVLK-FM and WLAP-AM.

Bo Brady Interview
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Allen Bryan

Allen Bryan came to WKLO as a nighttime newsman in 1960. Between then and the time he left in 1973 he not only handled news duties (eventually becoming News Director), but spent a good amount of time as a DJ. We spoke to Allen in late March, 2005 about what it was like to work at WKLO in the early days, the Coca-Cola Hi-Fi club, the news people he worked with, his favorite WKLO DJs, and more.

Allen Bryan Interview Part One
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Allen Bryan Interview Part Two
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Bob Cline

Louisville native Bob Cline did two tours as a WKLO DJ in the 1970s, plus put in airtime at several other Derby City radio stations in the '70s and '80s. On March 16, 2007 Bob talked to us about the station that inspired him to enter the radio biz, being a Louisville radio listener in the '60s, some of the folks he worked with at the Big 1080, his mentors, and his thoughts on the state of radio today.

Bob Cline Interview Part One
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Bob Cline Interview Part Two
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Ken Douglas

On June 13, 2005 we had the pleasure of interviewing the popular WKLO British disc jockey of the mid-60s from his home in Marina del Rey, California. In part one Ken Douglas talks about how he ended up in Louisville (and at WKLO), interviewing the stars of the British Invasion, and touring with the Beatles. In the second half, we asked him about his long-time friendship with Davy Jones of the Monkees, the excitement of being on the radio in the '60s, what happened to him after he left Louisville, and how working at WKLO rated with the other things he's done.

Ken Douglas Interview Part One
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Ken Douglas Interview Part Two
9:54 - 3482 KB
Bill Hennes

Bill Hennes worked at WKLO twice: first as night jock "Wild Willy" in 1966 and 1967, and then as Program Director from 1971 until 1973. On March 14, 2005 we spoke with Bill about both WKLO tours, the jocks he worked with, the promotions they did, how they competed with WAKY, and more.

Bill Hennes Interview Part One
14:00 - 4924 KB
Bill Hennes Interview Part Two
15:07 - 5318 KB

Dottie Knight

Dottie Knight was WKLO's first female Top 40 DJ, as well as the wife of WKLO's first Top 40 Program Director, Barney Groven. On January 24, 2007 we had the pleasure of speaking to Dottie from her home in Arizona about what it was like to be doing that type of radio when being a "girl jock" on contemporary music radio stations was a rarity. We also spoke about Barney Groven, her time in Louisville, and what's she's been doing since her 'KLO tenure.

Dottie Knight Interview
27:02 - 9510 KB

Gary Major

Gary Major joined the WKLO airstaff in 1973 and spent six years there, eventually working his way up to the PD position. In this two-part phone conversation, recorded October 24, 2009, we ask Gary about his time at the Big 1080, some of his former co-workers, and his pre- and post-WKLO days.

Gary Major Interview Part One
29:23 - 10,335 KB
Gary Major Interview Part Two
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Dan Mason

Dan Mason spent nearly a year as WKLO's overnight DJ starting in the Fall of 1973. After a successful career in radio programming and management, he eventually went on to become the president of Infinity and CBS Radio. But before all that, he was such a "contest pig" that Terrell Metheny banned him from winning any more prizes from WKLO. Hear how Dan beat the ban...and more.

  Dan Mason Interview
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Mitch Michael

On March 8, 2005 we had the pleasure of speaking with former WKLO Program Director (1964-1968) Terrell Metheny, known on the air as Mitch Michael. Terrell talks about how he revitalized WKLO and beat WAKY, plus gives us the inside scoop on some of WKLO's famous air personalities like Bill Bailey, Chuck Browning, Lee Gray, Ken Douglas and Johnny Randolph.

Mitch Michael Interview Part One
15:46 - 5545 KB

Mitch Michael Interview Part Two
15:06 - 5314 KB

Mitch Michael Interview Part Three
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Steve Warren Interview

Chances are you don't remember Steve Warren from his 1963 WKLO "Summer Fun Festival" gig, but lucky for us this Kentuckiana native remembers a lot about WKLO (and WAKY) in the early '60s. Due partly to what he learned at Louisville's 1080 spot, Steve went on to be a major market air personality. Today he's the host of the nationally syndicated Country Oldies Show. Thanks to Steve for the memories he shared with us telephonically on January 26, 2006.

Steve Warren Interview
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