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Engineer Ben Pflederer in the studio at the WKLO transmitter
 WKLO's Ken Douglas interviews the Beatles at a 1966 press conference
WKLO's Ken Douglas with Beatle Ringo Starr (1966)
Beatle George Harrison with WKLO's Ken Douglas (1966)
Ken Douglas
WKLO Johnny Randolph Fan Club card
Wild Willy Mitchell on the air in 1966 or 1967
Wild Willy Mitchell on the air in 1966 or 1967
Wild Willy Mitchell on the air in 1966 or 1967
WKLO Teen Listeners Club membership card
Mitch Michael (seated) receiving an award (1967)
Jon Grey (1967) Jack Sorbi (1967) Carl Wiglesworth (1967)
Lee Gray (1967) Jim Schneider (1967) Allen Bryan (1967)
Bob Henry (1967) Ken Knight (1967) Reed Yadon (1967)
Jim Fletcher (1967) J. Paul Roberts (1967)
WKLO General Manager Ernie Gudridge (R) presents an award to
the jockey of "Mr. WKLO" at Louisville Downs in the Summer of 1967.

Carl Truman Wiglesworth shakes the hand of singer Andy Kim (1968)
The WKLO Air Force in May of 1968
The 1968 WKLO Air Force -- gotta love those Nehru jackets!
Front Row L-R: Al Risen, Bill Clark, Lee Gray, Bob Shannon
Back Row L-R: Jack Sorbi, Bill Bailey, Carl Truman Wiglesworth

Carl Blanton sent us the two 1969 Bill Bailey pictures above. Carl writes:

These two B&W Polaroid photos of the Duke of Louisville at WKLO were taken two days before he left for WLS. I was trying to take the photos from outside of the studio on the sidewalk, and of course it just wasn’t happening. So the Duke motioned for me to come inside. I told the receptionist that Mr. Bailey said I could come inside and she said “there are no visitors in the studio.” I tried to plead my case, but she didn’t believe me. Then the door opened to her little receptionist area and it was the Duke who said “Let the kid in.” She looked at me and said “go on in.” He was so nice to me. Then when he left WLS and came back to WAKY, I was working at the Marilyn’s Shoe Store across from WAKY and walked over one morning with these two photos in my hand. I went into the lobby and walked up and held the photos up to the glass of the studio and the Duke smiled and motioned for me to come in and see him. The first words out of his mouth were “Hey Kid, how ya doin?” I will always be grateful to him.

Lee Gray (1969)
Dick Braun (1969)
A WKLO winner with Dick Braun (1969)

Kentuckiana teens cruised Walnut and 4th Streets to go by the WKLO and WAKY showcase studios. Many times there was an attempt to get the jock to say something about the school. In this 1969 photo, youths from Valley High School hung a Butler Bear in effigy prior to a big football game. (Note: The guy that took this picture -- young Jim Hicks -- sat in the window with Al Risen 6 months later doing a teen hour, then for real as "Ron Lake" four years later.)

This photo was taken at the WKLO facilities on West Walnut in December of 1969.
L-R: Mike Smith, Dave Carson, John Irwin, contest winner, "Big" Joe London, and Carl Strandell
L-R: Steve Katz, Lee Gray, David Clayton-Thomas, Carl Truman Wiglesworth
Bonus Photo Page 4 Pictures (Big Images!)

1969 DJ Flyer
Downstairs Production Room Flyer 1
Downstairs Production Room Flyer 2

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