WKLO Billboard Blasts

Billboard: November 26, 1959

Duncan O'Day, formerly with WNOE, New Orleans, has replaced Barney Groven at WKLO, Louisville, in the 9 a.m. to noon period. Groven will concentrate full time on programming and production.

Louisville outlet WKLO also has a new fem jock - Dotty Knight (Mrs. Groven) who will handle the 9 a.m. to midnight slot. Congratulations to WKLO's key jock Paul Crowley, on his forthcoming wedding. He and his new frau will be in New York November 22 at the Sheraton-East.

Billboard: June 20, 1960

Barney Groven, program director of WKLO, Louisville, writes that deejay Jim Fletcher of WKLO, recently gave himself away, for an evening on the town, to a 20-year-old secretary. She was the winner in the station's "I would like to marry Jim Fletcher because…" contest.

Billboard: August 29, 1960

Deejay Paul Crowley, WKLO, Louisville, who recently opened a local record shop and discount center, continues at WKLO doing a nightly 6-9 p.m. show for a local drive-in restaurant and the "Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club of the Air" on Friday and Saturday from 9 to 10:30 p.m. One whole wall of Cowley's new store features autographed 8-by-10 glossies of record artists, and Cowley would like personally autographed photos of disk stars for the display, which "draws quite a bit of traffic in the store." Three times a week Cowley visits by long distance phone with Dick Clark. "It's Louisville's only contact with Dick," notes WKLO program director Barney Groven, "as we have no ABC-TV station and the NBC station which carried one show a week recently dropped the service."

Billboard: October 10, 1960

A host of the deejays at WKLO, Louisville, recently pulled off a successful programming stunt that now figures to be a semi-annual affair, according to Barney Groven, program director. Under the tag, "Treasurama," the station devoted an entire day to playing disk hits of the past five years, requested by listeners. Aired first in the earl summer, the station did a follow-up on Labor Day and reports 10,000 phone calls received plus stacks of mail.

Billboard: January 27, 1962

WKLO Holds Cowley Day

Louisville, Ky. - Veteran disc jockey Paul Cowley, WKLO, here, celebrates his 2,500 broadcast on that outlet January 27. The station has tagged the date "Paul Cowley Day." Cowley will do his 10 a.m.-2 p.m. show, via remote, from his own local record store on that date. A flock of record stars will appear with Cowley on the program, and WKLO is rounding up congratulatory wires from record artists and labels, which will be read on the air throughout the broadcast day.

Billboard: September 23, 1967

(The) July-August Hooper leader in Louisville, Ky. is WKLO with a 31 7 a.m. to noon and 30.4 noon to 6 p.m. WAKY had 17.2 in the morning and a 22 in the afternoon. WAVE had a 13.4 in the morning and a 12.2 in the afternoon. WHAS had a 12.3 in the morning, but only 7.4 in the afternoon.

Billboard: November 11, 1973

Louisville, Ky. - WKLO-AM, a Top 40 station located here in one of the major record breakout markets of the station, has discontinued printing a public Top 40 List, according to program director Robin Walker. He said the move was taken "after many weeks of research and consideration."

In an effort to help record companies, however, the advance list will be sent out to them each Monday; Walker pointed out that record companies no longer had to wait for the printer on this list.